Types of Battery based solutions for homes:

  • Hybrid – This is  a combination of Eskom, Solar panels an Inverter and batteries. These systems are required when you have frequent power outages or when you require back-up power to support critical systems and ensure business continuity. The inverters are single phase inverters and generally more expensive than a grid-tie inverter.
  • Exporting Power – the most common system is a Self-consumption model, where you have to use all the power generated within your own home or office. Excess power generated is wasted as you are unable to export power. Exporting power back into the grid depends on the type of inverter you have, local council regulation and whether your meter allows you to do  it.
  • Off-grid – no reliance from Eskom supply, the system users a combination of solar, generator and / or battery back-up. Careful consideration is required on the type of battery selected i.e. Lithium Ion, Lead acid or Gel.
  • Back-up power with no solar panels – an inverter with battery’s allow storage of energy fed from the grid. We recommend you use a solar inverter so you can install solar panels in the future.