Commercial & Industrial


Green Wave Energy provides customised Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems for the commercial and industrial sectors. Whether the property is multi-tenanted or single tenant we design the plant according to your energy usage profile, financial budget, and space available.

Service offering:

We provide a full EPC offering, which stands for Engineer, Procure and Construct. Below describes the end to end process of a project:

  1. Sizing the system according to usage profiles, space available, and calculating actual ROI calculations with a detailed 20-year project lifespan.
  2. A full engineering design is done to ensure the client understands the predicted performance of the plant which we use to benchmark performance and provide reports post installation on performance vs predicted Solar yields. This is key in determining your true payback & ROI. An important factor is calculating a blended tariff (summer and winter) used in payback and future tariff increases which effects the payback and IRR calculations.
  3. Procurement of equipment for the client, Green Wave do site establishment and installation, managed by our professional team. We have a reputation for outstanding attention to detail and pride ourselves on the work we do.
  4. Site commissioning and hand over is the final stage, where we provide training on the system. Live platforms are made available so the client has full visibility of performance and our support teams can ensure the system operates according to its design life.
  5. Green Wave energy does ongoing operations and maintenance of the system, providing reports for management and ensuring the system is maintained to the highest level.

Guarantee Yields:

Green Wave provides a guarantee on solar production which gives our clients peace of mind that they are dealing with a reputable company who builds long term relationships with their clients.

Finance options:

Green Wave provides three options to the client in order to finance the system. Option 1 has the benefit of using the SARS 12b tax allowance which allows you to accelerate the depreciation of the asset within its first year i.e. this equates to a 28% (Tax) saving in year 1.

  1. Upfront project price
  2. PPA (power purchase agreement) which is an undertaking to purchase power for a predetermined period at an agreed rate
  3. Operating lease where you own the system at the end of a 10-year period

Solar reports and live monitoring:

Green Wave provides reports to all levels of your organisation, ensuring the investment is performing as per design. We have an inhouse centralized control room where we track all sites daily and manage systems pro-actively.

Types of solar reports:

  • Monthly solar yield report
  • Solar investment savings report
  • Predicted performance vs Actual

Live monitoring:

We provide live monitoring of your site showing actual inverter kW data and overall data. You can also click on the reports tab and see the latest reports available.

Energy storage:

Whilst expensive at this stage energy storage on a larger scale is available. This requires detailed analysis of power usage and working closely with the customer to plan the system accordingly. In these projects, we like to use a BMS or SCADA system to control power to equipment during outages, which allows for automating control.

Diesel / Hybrid solutions:

Grid Tie systems do require a grid voltage frequency to operate and when there is a power outage the Solar PV system is stopped (anti islanding function). Solar energy however can be used if there is battery storage or a Diesel Hybrid design incorporating controls to allow for a managed integration with your generator. This requires the installation of a PLC / SCADA system where the Solar power is integrated in a controlled manner in accordance with the generators current load and building load. If the generator is run at too low a load as a percentage of its total capacity you are unable to use Solar to reduce the diesel consumption.

Carbon Savings:

We provide reports which can be used when calculating your carbon savings, water and trees saved etc. Not only does Solar reduce your carbon footprint