We Provide Solar Energy Solutions to Business and Residential clients   



Our job is to understand the technicalities and have the necessary expertise to implement a Solar system at your business or home. While this is an expected minimum for any company, we believe that to deserve your business we need to offer real value.

So What Do We Offer?


We offer guidance.

Understanding what your motivation is for installing a Solar System is the first step. We never presume to know you or your business, we need to learn!  To learn we need we need to ask questions that start with "Do you want to..."

  • Save money on power bills? 
  • Have power backup during a power failure?
  • Reduce your company's carbon footprint? 
  • Get off the grid? 


By getting answers to these and other pertinent questions, empowers us to design a Solar solution that will match your expected outcome.


We guarantee that we will always provide you with sound and honest advice.

 This means never overselling on what you will get out of the system, explaining limitations of the system and at all times try and save you money wherever possible by making alternate suggestions


We do the complicated stuff for you.

  • Online Solar savings calculators are a headache to use; we will calculate your projected Solar savings for you and give it to you in plain language
  • We assist you all the way with understanding and applying for Eskom rebates
  • We will handle it all, from the system sizing, professional installation, to continued post-installation maintenance 


We understand business and what drives it.

After all, we are in business and our business is to solve problems other people experience in their businesses. We use this simple logic to always ensure that the solutions we propose will provide long-term value to the bottom line.

Our experience becomes yours! We will show you where we can solve multiple problems at the same time, for example; if the Operations manager of a hospital's main motivation is to maintain lifesaving equipment during a power failure we will show him how by changing the design of the system, it can also save money on the power bill and reduce the carbon footprint of the hospital.