Understanding Solar

The main aim of your Solar system is to produce enough energy during the day to match your energy load and recharge batteries that may be depleted from use.

Solar panels work on Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Panels are installed north facing to achieve maximum efficiency.

The mounting brackets are selected/installed in either a fixed position or in tilt and turn to follow the sun to maximize efficiency while ensuring no shadows are cast on the panels.

The size of battery bank determines the duration and capacity the system can supply during power outages.

Inverters are used to control the supply of energy from your solar panels and Eskoms grid to meet your energy demand. We install Schneider Electric’s Conext inverters which use the latest technology available to reduce voltage losses and use intelligent power start up.

Efficiency losses occur in all systems due to voltage losses in cables, batteries or inverter inefficiencies. These losses can be reduced though proper engineered systems and good quality equipment.

IT ‘Cloud’ based monitoring allows you to monitor your energy production and usage, giving you accurate readings of energy produced from solar panels and the consumption from batteries or Eskoms grid in a user friendly format.

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